Where The Players of 8 Ball Pool Buy Coins?

As a player of 8 Ball Pool, you probably already realize that coin is the key to winning the game. You use the key as stake to play the match and tournament. Alternatively, you also need it for purchasing cues. Standard cue offered by the game when you play for the first time does not have any ability. Winning the game with such cue will be a struggle. You need to purchase better cues to win the game. Since the cue is not cheap, you might wonder where the players of 8 Ball Pool Buy coins.


First of all, the game features something called as 8 Ball Pool coin store. The coins from this store can be purchased by using other game currency called as cash. Cash is more valuable in the game than coin. The cues that can be purchased by using cash have better specification than those you purchase with coins. Unfortunately, you only receive cash if you level up. The amount of cash you get from this reward is only 1 cash per level. In other hand, you need to spend hundreds or thousands to purchase the better cues.

The game allows you to purchase the cash with real money. It means that you need to purchase the cash first in order to get the coins. You can purchase the coins from 8 Ball Pool coin store. Of course, it means that you have to spend more money than you actually should.

That is all you need to know about 8 Ball Pool Buy coins. Some people consider that purchasing the coins is not worth the money you have. Meanwhile, the rest think that you should purchase the cash only without purchasing the coins. With better cues you have in hand from purchasing it with cash, you can get more coins by winning the match.

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