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8 Ball Pool is a game for Android, iOS that allows you to play pool against people from all over the world via the Internet in the game turns to see who is best.

Flow of the game in the 8 Ball Pool from miniclip is very similar to the game of snooker others. You use your finger to aim the target ball, and ran forward to hit the ball in the direction you want. From there, you have to try and beat your enemy by following a set of rules of the incoming first punch or balls intact.

When you win you also won a coin. You can use these coins out of the game to buy different upgrade to the ball of your viewfinder. In the beginning, it will be a rough wood, but as soon as you can add new things to bring a new style into your game. 8 Ball Pool a game of snooker with strict rules, where you can play with friends or enemies randomly facebook via the Internet. The game of course also has outstanding graphics.

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